Gudrún Magnúsdóttir

Gudrun Magnusdottir is Chief Strategy Officer and founder of ESTeam AB and Coreon GmbH . She has been instrumental in the efforts to bring about global cross border interoperability in the IP world. She has contributed to several EU projects the latest ones being MLi , and LISE (Legal Language Interoperability Services). Her academic and industrial background is in the field of Language Technology with a focus on data driven applications, knowledge management, semantic and multilingual technologies.

Presentation abstract

I dream of an EU where top down directives give way to collaborative agreement with the understanding that we differ in legal systems and languages.  Where citizen interaction is the norm and every government, city council and the EU Commission mine that data in multiple languages to underpin their decisions.  Today, only government operations in intellectual property are internationally interoperable on a global scale across languages.  The infrastructure effort was enabled by language technology and carried out by OHIM . It currently comprises more than 30 languages and has been joined by 44 countries, all of the EU member states as well as USA, Japan, China, Korea and many more.

I will talk about how LT can play a key role enhancing the work of the EU Organizations and our Governments.