Riga Summit Technology Showcase (April 27-28) includes booths from nine technology providers, as well as demos showcasing innovative solutions. The solutions provided by the European language technology community can be scaled up to make Europe’s Digital Single Market multilingual. 

The Technology Showcase is a prime opportunity to reach potential customers and collaboration partners.



ADAPT brings together more than 120 researchers with a strong track record of bridging research and innovations to more than 140 companies. With €50m in new research funding from Science Foundation Ireland and industry, ADAPT research and technologies will help businesses in all sectors to manage, personalise and deliver digital content more effectively.


Based on a novel approach inspired by the way the brain processes information, the cortical.io Retina converts text into a numerical representation of its meaning: a Semantic Fingerprint. With this paradigm shift, all Natural Language Processing operations are reduced to simple, direct comparisons of text, making our engine highly computationally efficient. The Retina can be fully automatically trained, on any topic, in any language and operated without any expertise in NLP. The Retina is the first semantic engine that painlessly handles the avalanche of text data that global businesses must cope with.


The FALCON project combines the power of open data on the web with data-driven language technologies to construct the Localization Web, an global interlinked network of translation and terminological data resources.


Memsource Cloud is an API-enabled translation environment that supports over 40,000 users in their everyday translation needs: translation companies, corporate translation departments, and freelancers. Memsource Cloud includes translation memory, integrated machine translation, terminology management, quality assurance, and a web-based as well as desktop translator's workbench. Memsource Cloud is unique for its high availability and scalability and has been recognized for combining robust performance with user-friendliness.


Clarify is a brand new global app based language service. We offer 30 different languages, translation and text to speech services for all OS all in one service. Clarify provides high quality dictionaries from publishers like Collins and Merriam Webster. Our key markets are consumers, tourism and educational market. www.clarifylanguage.com Use trialcode ODSLHS10m0


Linghub: Reconciling Heterogeneous Metadata about Language Resources
Metadata about language resources is vital for finding resources for building state-of-the-art content analytics systems, and information about the type and location of these resources has currently only been available from limited and distinct data sources. We present a new portal that combines and harmonizes metadata from multiple sources and makes it available to users through consistent discovery mechanisms based on linked data.


While some say that the language industry will become a high tech industry in the future, one can argue that through the prevalent use of TMs, Web-based tools, micropayment, etc. it has already become one. While we do not want to play off proprietary against open-source software, we want to support the development of the latter for the language industry. But open-source projects usually do not run by themselves. They require well thought-through forms of organization fitting the respective community and type of project. A group of LSPs, researchers, and software developers has teamed up with industry practitioners and launched the project (OSELI) to support Open Source software development for the language industry as single Ecosystem. OSELI is unique initiative in the industry and we hope that will accelerate industry development, including Horizon 2020 agenda.


Tilde drives innovation in European language technologies. To enable languages in the digital age, Tilde creates machine translation system, online terminology services, mobile translation apps and proofing tools.

Customers in the public sector, multinational corporations, and small and large LSPs use Tilde`s products and services to boost productivity and facilitate multilingual communication in their everyday work.

Tilde has experience in developing language technology for complex, highly inflected languages, particularly smaller European languages.

With offices in three countries and partners across thr globe, Tilde combines the talents and skills of over a hundred computational linguists, softwere engineers, language researchers, terminologists, and professional translators.


MateCat is a free and open source web-based CAT tool designed to make post-editing and outsourcing easy and to provide a complete set of features to manage and monitor translation projects. Thanks to the integration of the largest collaborative translation memory and the best machine translation, you will always get from 10% to 20% more matches than with any other CAT tool and translate faster than ever. MateCat is the only CAT tool that empowers you to accept all translation projects, even when your translators are busy or you do not cover one of the language pairs required by your client.


Technology Showcase