Robert Etches
TextMinded, CIO

Robert Etches has spent 25 years working in every role in the translation and localisation industry: from freelance translator through project manager and software developer to CEO of his own successful company. Now senior partner and CIO at TextMinded®, a leading language and communication company, Robert is currently serving his second term as Chairman of GALA, the world’s leading non-profit association for the language industry. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Translators without Borders.

Presentation abstract

Thanks to the rapid advance in language technology tools and the speed of the Internet, the Language Challenge can be addressed in a new, sustainable approach that will empower Europeans to a new level of democratic insight and common wealth – and create a Corporate Europe that will become the locomotive for a new sustainable world order, driven by the power of sharing. Governance, structure, and the right language-technology platform: these are all that is required.