Phil Ritchie
Vistatec, Chief Technology Officer

Phil Ritchie is Chief Technology Officer at VistaTEC, a Language Services Provider headquartered in Dublin. Phil directs and drives all Language Technology and Research and Development activities. Phil has a Batchelor of Science Degree and 20 years of industry experience at senior management and director levels. Phil is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and an active member of several industry associations such as The Translation Automation User Society and Multilingual Web Working Group. Phil was a founding industrial member of the Centre for Next Generation Localization (ADAPT) and has served as Chairman of its Industrial Advisory Board. Most recently Phil was a partner in the EU FP7 funded ìLanguage Technology in the Webî consortium which produced the W3C Recommendation ìInternationalization Tag Set 2.0î. Phil is the lead architect of the Ocelot open source project.